Hi! My name is Teresa Schiavone. I have always loved taking pictures! I remember getting my first real camera when I graduated from college. My oldest brother was an avid photographer in high school and even built a darkroom in our basement. My mom complained that he only took pictures of scenery, although they were quite good. She was very pleased that I preferred taking pictures of people.

My favorite subject is action photography.  I really enjoy catching a player scoring, seeing the concentration in a player’s eyes, and capturing the final push of an athlete reaching for the finish. I also take team and individual player portraits. I have taken photos for the Blue Sky Lacrosse Club (400+ players), ACES Swim Club (300+ swimmers), Seahawks Swim Club (400+ swimmers), and many other individual teams. I have worked with Highlands Ranch High School since 2010, taking portraits, action shot, and creating Senior Gifts. I have worked with the Football, Lacrosse and Baseball teams.  I also spent several years photographing every sports team and fine arts group for St. Mary's Academy, from Kindergarten through High School.  I really enjoy working with kids of all ages!

I grew up in Buffalo, NY and my favorite NFL team has always been the Buffalo Bills! I hold a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering. I worked for General Electric most of my career, until I had my children. I also spent 21 years in the Air Force Reserves and retired in 2008 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.