These Galleries contain sports photos from St. Mary's Academy. KeepMe Photos will be taking all the sports teams photos for this school year.

You will be able to order customized prints that can include both portrait and action shots of your athlete. You will also be able to combine multiple athletes on specialty items. For example, you can create a mug with up to 3 siblings or friends.

You will also be able to select pictures from multiple sports. For example, if your middle school student plays a sport in each trimester, you will be able to order a print that includes photos from all the sports your athlete plays.

If you have any questions, please contact Teresa at 303-810-2055.

2017-18 High School Sports

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2017-18 Middle School Sports

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17 photos

2017-18 Fine Arts

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2016-17 HS Sports

0 photos

2016-17 MS Sports

Galleries 2
46 photos

2016-17 Fine Arts

Galleries 2
32 photos

2015-2016 Middle School Sports

Galleries 6
327 photos

2015-2016 High School Sports

Galleries 3
167 photos

2015-2016 Fine Arts

0 photos

2014-15 HS Sports

Galleries 5
24 photos

2014-15 MS Sports

Galleries 10
114 photos

2013-14 HS Sports

Galleries 2
112 photos

2013-14 MS Sports

Galleries 5
335 photos

2012-2013 MS Sports

Galleries 1
217 photos